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Credit and Interest Example


Borrowing:Interest Rates

Login and open your Credit and Interest doc from Google Classroom. Change the name of sheet 1 to “Simple Interest”
Create a sheet 2, call it “Amortization”
Copy and past your amortization table from Friday onto your Amortization sheet
Create a third sheet
Call it “Compound Interest”

Starting in cell A1 with “Loan Amount”, create a a spreadsheet with the following information (ignore the 0 in row 4, it’s there as a place holder):

Loan Amount $5,000.00
Length (in years) 2
Interest Rate 7.00%
Monthly Payment
Number of Payments
Total Interest
Total Loan Cost

Next, enter the following formulas:
in b5=-PMT(B3/12,B2*12,B1)

in b6=B2*12

in b7=(B5*B6)-B1

in b8=B5*B6

Copy and paste the table 2 times, and use it to calculate which truck financing option is the best deal from the top of page 14 in this document.


Headphones Ranked

mainand Beats by Dre are ranked . . . second to last. Out of $18. They cost $14 to manufacture.

Headphones ranked at


Soft Skills

300Cognitive skills are what schools and testing tend to measure. Cognitive skills are things like attention span, memory, logic and reasoning, and processing speed. If you have strong cognitive skills, you tend to do well in school. You also tend to get a lot of positive validation.

Having strong cognitive skills is great and can help a person be successful in life, however, some people think non-cognitive skills, or soft skills are as important or more important for a person to live a good, successful life. Standardized tests are a good way to measure cognitive skills, but grades are a better predictor of success in life, because earning good grades involves more of a combination of cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

Delayed gratification is a soft skill that greatly impacts a person’s ability to manage their finances. A person without delayed gratification wants what they want and they want it now. A person without delayed gratification tends to be more impulsive, and may be more likely to do things that they later regret.

The marshmallow experiment that was conducted at Stanford University was a study in delayed gratification. Lydia Dallet has written about how delayed gratification can impact a person’s financial success. This American Life did a Back to School show and Ira Glass talked to Paul Tough about schools and soft skills (at 13:45). Paul Tough is the author of “How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character“.

Assignment, Tech-News-Tips

Good Bye Google Glass

google-glass-2-300x300Google has stopped production of Google Glass. The article makes an interesting point about how Google and Apple’s business models differ.


CES 2015

ces2015_squareThe CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the place where all the new hardware and gadgetry is shown off. Some of this year’s big takeaways are:

Article at – Eight Biggest Takeaways from CES 2015



Advertising-300x300On your sticky note:
Write down who you think is the intended audience of the ad. (moms, dads, men who want to be manly, women who want to be pretty, teenagers, kids, punks, etc.)

Write down what appeal you thing they are using. (bandwagon, masculine, feminine, snob, etc.)

Write your name


Corporate Sponsors in TV

American-Idol-Cup Corporations pay to advertise during shows. The more popular the show, the more it costs. This is why running an ad during the Superbowl is so expensive.

Corporations also pay to be featured in program, movies, and even video games. Coke has been a long sponsor of American Idol. has written about American Idol’s recent loss of the Coke sponsorship.



Keyboarding students should login to edutyping and continue working through regular lessons. All students should be using keyboard covers.

Computer Literacy students can spend a final day wrapping up coding projects from the links on the “Hour of Code” post below –

Business students should start by reading the “Marketing the Brand” section at Next, have them begin the assignment described under “Assignment #1 – Compare Company Websites”.

Class Update

Information is Beautiful


Information is Beautiful is a great infographic site.

Here’s one on Common Misconceptions Around the World

This one is called Snake Oil Supplements and it covers which supplements actually work and for what ailments, as well as which supplements are a waste of time.