Survival Simulation

Lunar Survival – 3rd hour, slide 10 Shipwreck Survival – 4th hour, pages 5 and 6 Fill in Step 3 – Expert Ranking for supplies from the links above. Fill in Step 4 – Create 3 columns in step 4, just like you did in step 1. Each team member should calculate the difference between […]

Positivity Project

Visit the VIA Institute on Character, create an account using your school email and take the VIA Survey. When you finish, click the “Get Your Full Report” button and download the results. Read through your results quietly while thinking about your top traits. Use these results to create a Google Slides Presentation titled, “My Positivity […]

The Google Pixel

Of course, the Pixel isn’t perfect; the rear panel’s glass treatment may be an aesthetic misfire for some, and it’s vulnerable to cracking. It’s also not as water-resistant as others, and though its camera is superb, the iPhone 7 Plus delivers superior video quality in portrait mode (read more about how the two stack up). […]