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Classroom Representative

Leadership_Arrow_ConceptCharacteristics of a Good Classroom Representative.
Responsibility – remembering what you have to do and doing it. Being on time.
Good Grades
Good at Compromising
Open Minded
Not too Shy


Why would you make a good representative?

Write a speech explaining why you would make a good representative.
Be sure to refer to some of the important leadership traits listed above.


Questions about Companies



Class Update

All classes have completed 3 assignments:

A Survey on Technology Use (hard copy) – 10 pts

A Summer Adventure Story (Google Docs) – 10 pts

Information Integrity: section-Analyze Facts & Opinions, section-Finding Sources to Support an Opinion (Google Docs) – 25 pts

We are currently working on Information Integrity: section-Evaluating Sources of Information (Google Docs) – 40 pts

During the past two weeks, we’ve spent time getting to know eachother and establishing classroom norms. I’ve introduced Google Docs to all classes. Google Docs is accessible from home. If you want to see how your child is doing on a particular assignment, they can login and show you. Same with graded assignments as I generally put grades right on the doc.


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Check List

Click here to submit your student information and ideas for classroom norms.

Login to your Google account by visiting Google Drive. Use the login format of firstname+middleinitial+lastname+ Example:

Once you’re logged in, visit Google Classroom, and join your class. Use these codes:

Business – 77mvev

Computer Literacy – jdq8dz

Keyboarding – svsby9j



Class Update

Open House

open_house-bell_aniIt was wonderful to see all the new and familiar faces at open house tonight. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the new school year. If you missed open house, here’s a summary of the information I passed out:

Almost all class content is found on this site. Class updates are posted here too. If you need to know what we’re doing in class, or need the materials related to what we’re doing in class, this is the place to go.

Almost all work for my 7th and 8th grade classes is done using Google Docs. All students in the district have been issued user names and passwords for their newly created Google account which use the domain name. To login to your new account:

Most 6th grade work is done at Account information will be distributed on the first day of class.

All grades for all classes are posted in Synergy.

To contact me, you can email my school email, or call my classroom directly.


Class Update

I hope you all had a great summer. We’ll start our week with some team building and getting to know you exercises. In business, students will be introduced to the Stock Market Game (SMG). Most of our SMG assignments and activities can be found on the SMG Links page.

In Computer Literacy, we will learning about secure usernames and passwords, school login credentials, and computer hardware and software set up.

In study skills, we will working on getting to know each other and informational reading strategies this week.

Class Update


This article explains the future growth models for big social media companies.

Why Social Media is Falling Apart – Computer World


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