Open House

open_house-bell_aniIt was wonderful to see all the new and familiar faces at open house tonight. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the new school year. If you missed open house, here’s a summary of the information I passed out:

Almost all class content is found on this site. Class updates are posted here too. If you need to know what we’re doing in class, or need the materials related to what we’re doing in class, this is the place to go.

Almost all work for my 7th and 8th grade classes is done using Google Docs. All students in the district have been issued user names and passwords for their newly created Google account which use the domain name. To login to your new account:

Most 6th grade work is done at Account information will be distributed on the first day of class.

All grades for all classes are posted in Synergy.

To contact me, you can email my school email, or call my classroom directly.


Class Update

I hope you all had a great summer. We’ll start our week with some team building and getting to know you exercises. In business, students will be introduced to the Stock Market Game (SMG). Most of our SMG assignments and activities can be found on the SMG Links page.

In Computer Literacy, we will learning about secure usernames and passwords, school login credentials, and computer hardware and software set up.

In study skills, we will working on getting to know each other and informational reading strategies this week.

Class Update


This article explains the future growth models for big social media companies.

Why Social Media is Falling Apart – Computer World


2 posts

Silhouette Man

Huxley v. Orwell


How to Make Money


Remember to Share Your Shark Tank Docs

Please name the document “Shark Tank May 2″ and share it with me before you leave today.

Class Update

Modular Phone

project-araMotorola is owned by Google and the companies are planning for a new wave in mobile computing – a modular phone. The phone project, currently named Ara, is set for release in 2015. An updated Android operating system will be built alongside the Ara to support hardware pieces or blocks that will plugin to the phones skeleton. There are plans for both high end and low end models.


Motorola’s ‘Project Ara’ modular smartphone setup switches out hardware like apps - Engadget

10 things you need to know about Google’s Project Ara modular smartphones - The Next Web


Next Topics in Computer Literacy


SMG Status

BUYING POWER: $120,091.88
Minimum Maintenance: $27,789.41
Interest and Dividends: $1,006.05
Fees and Commission: ($864.12)
Realized Gains/Loss: $0.00
Net Equity Gain: $6,361.63
Percent Return: 6.36
Region Rank: 41 out of 229

Percentage Stocks and Mutual Funds/Cash 87.1%/12.9%
Best Return AAPL – Apple Unrealized Gain $/% $5,144.50/10.54 %
Worst Return SNE – Sony Unrealized Gain $/% $345.29/-16.09


Shark Tank Presentation

Part 1: Product and Market Clarification

You are an entrepreneur pitching your million dollar idea to the “Shark Tank”.  The Shark Tank are investors that will invest in you and your new idea.  You will prepare a sales script and will present all 7 steps to the sale.

1)  Product Description (from your business plan):

Elevator Pitch (make your idea sound like the most amazing kid invention ever):  50 words or less

Product/Service Name:

Product/Service Slogan:

Product/Service Logo:

Competition (explain who else is doing this):  Direct and Indirect

2) Potential Customers:  Find research statistics that will find a need for your product.  (At least 3 statistics and 3 potential prospects)

i.e. New Bakery Business; Research how many American Dollars are spent on baked goods every year.
i.e. Dog Care Service; Research on disease in kennels or dogs not doing well when left alone.

3) Description of Customer:  Detailed Target Market

Demographics (gender, age, mobility, home ownership, employment status, income level, and location)

Psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles)

Part 2: Approaching the Customer

4) Introduction, personal history, company history, find parallel to establish customer relationship.

5) Presenting the Product

Product/Service Features

Product/Service Benefits

1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.

6) Describe in detail how you plan to present the product:  BE CREATIVE!

Prepare an objection analysis sheet; include objections based on time, need, source, want, and price. Utilize the boomerang, superior point, question method, direct denial, demonstration, and third party methods to handle objections.

Describe the close of the sale: (Use one of the four methods)

Suggestive Selling Items:

Reassuring statement: