Exchange Rates

Create a Google Doc called “Exchange Rates” Copy and paste the following questions into the doc.

  1. How could a person buy items with cash if she or he went to another country?
  2. How would a person get the currency from another country?
  3. How would a person know how much foreign currency an American dollar is worth?

Use How Exchange Rates Work to answer the questions.

Your family is going on vacation and you need to figure out how much you’ve spent. Create a Google Doc and call it “Global Vacation”.

Create a 6×14 table in your doc. Use the following as column headings:

  • Clue
  • Country
  • Capital
  • Country’s Currency
  • Amount of Country’s Currency Spent
  • Amount Spent in U.S. Dollars
  1. Today you depart from O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Heading South, you will visit a neighboring country. Arriving in this country, you will have an opportunity to visit the ancient Aztec ruins. This country is located 23 degrees North latitude and 105 degrees West longitude. You spent 5091 of this country’s currency.
  2. Where in the world is Matt Lauer? You can identify with Matt as this morning you take off again. You will visit the Great Pyramid and see this continent’s longest river. This country is located at 25 degrees North latitude and 30 degrees East longitude. You spent 4233 of this country’s currency.
  3. Off again this morning, you fly to see a Mercedes Benz factory and the site of 1972 summer Olympics. This country is located at 50 degrees North latitude and 10 degrees East longitude. You spend 1572 of this country’s currency.
  4. You take a short trip today. You want to see the City of Lights, specifically the Eiffel Tower. This country is located at 47 degrees North latitude and 4 degrees East longitude. You spend 3103 of this country’s currency.
  5. Today you need to complete your United Nations responsibilities. You fly to this country to search for weapons of mass destruction. This country is at 35 degrees North latitude and 44 degrees East longitude. You spend 500 of this country’s currency.
  6. You fly to see the Bridge of Continents. This country covers two continents. You also want to see the city which was built by Constantine I. This country is located at 40 degrees North latitude and 32 degrees East longitude. You spend 90,000,000 of this country’s currency.
  7. Today’s itinerary takes us to a large country which was our chief rival for many years. You visit the Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb. This country is located at 55 degrees North latitude and 38 degrees East longitude. You spend 20,338 of this country’s currency.
  8. You want to see the Forbidden City, the Grand Canal, and the many rice fields in the countryside. Your travels take you to a country located at 31 degrees North latitude and 113 degrees East longitude. You spend 1733 of this country’s currency.
  9. This site of a very difficult “conflict” is the destination for today. You visit the sites where many battles were fought. This country is located at 15 degrees North latitude and 107 degrees East longitude. You spend 500,000 of this country’s currency.
  10. On your way home, you decide to stop in our 50th state for some rest and relaxation at a beautiful resort. This state is located at 20 degrees North latitude and 157 degrees West longitude. You spend 2515 of this country’s currency.

Use the CFP Franc for clue #4.

Extra info on clue #6  – Qualifier on the Turkish Lira (from Wikipedia):

  • 2004 — 1 U.S. dollar = 1,350,000 lira
  • 2005 — 1 U.S. dollar = 1.29 new lira (The use of New Turkish Lira, which drops 6 zeros from the currency Turkish Lira, was implemented in 2005)

Clue #8 coordinates should be 31 n 113 e.

use the old, 2004 Lira value when you calculate the money spent in that country, and don’t use commas when you write $90,000,000. Just type 90000000.

Once you are done with numbers 1-10, it’s time to complete your vacation itinerary with 3 destinations of your own. Research each location and write a vignette in the same style as the original 10 destinations. Include:

  • Longitude and Latitude
  • Amount of their currency spent as well as the conversion to U.S. dollars
  • Three references to a significant landmark, historical figure, historical event, geography or other unique aspect of the country you plan to visit.
  • A relevant picture

Use Google Maps and Go Currency to find out where you’ve visited and how much you’ve spent.

Current exchange rates.

Here’s a site all about Foreign Exchange Trading –